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Mera Peak

Standing proudly erect at an altitude of 6654m, Mera Peak is the most popular trekking destination and is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. This fairly challenging trek has been designed to cater to trekkers’ adventure needs to explore Mera peak from length to breadth. On scaling the summit of Mera Peak, we can have the most spectacular view of entire Himalayan ranges.

This program allows sufficient time for any reasonably physically fit person to make a comfortable ascent of this most spectacular of the Nepalese trekking peaks. Best time for this trip would be from September to December and March to June.

    4 Days Itinerary

    Day1: Meet our team at Khare.

    Day2: Acclimatization and check equipment

    Day3: Trek to high camp

    Day4: Summit back to Khare

    12 Days Itinerary

    Day1: Kathmandu fly to Lukla then chatrala

    Day2: Chatrala to Thuli Kharka

    Day3: Thuli kharka to Kothey

    Day4: Kothey to thagna

    Day5: Thagna to Khare

    Day6: Acclimatization

    Day7: High camp

    Day8: Summit back to Khare

    Day9: Khare to Khotey

    Day10: Kothey to Chatrala

    Day11: Chatrala to lukla

    Day12: Fly back to Kathmandu


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