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Mountain Biking Lhasa (Tibet) to Kathmandu (Nepal)... 20 Days Mountain Biking Tea House or Camping

This is one of the most adventurous rides a mountain biker can do. It is a real classic and if you want to make your trip even more adventurous and even more challenging, we can in-corporate a four day round trip away from the main Lhasa - Kathmandu road, to visit Rongbuk Monastery and the North Base Camp area of Mt. Everest.

Throughout the ride your state of the art bicycles will be a source of great interest to the local people. As they will not have seen anything more sophisticated than their basic Chinese-made boneshakers, there are great opportunities to share a laugh with the local people!

There are six major passes to be negotiated on the main Lhasa to Kathmandu route as it runs westwards, parallel to the Great Himalaya Chain, which forms the border with the territories of Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal. Throughout, the road traverses a high and dry plateau-land, which is punctuated by the spectacular monastery towns of Gyantse, Shigatse and Shegar, as well as several smaller settlements and nomadic Drogpa encampments

On the detour away from the main route towards the Rongbuk Monastery, the road climbs through almost fifty hairpin bends to reach the Pang La, which affords splendid views of the Himalaya, and of Mt. Everest itself. Everest Base Camp is a 'not to be missed' inclusion to this ride. Standing before the exposed and shear North Face of Chomolungma [Mt. Everest] at Everest Base Camp (5500m/18044ft) is a memorable experience that few ever forget.

We will spend a night at Everest Base Camp before riding 60 km back out to the main Kathmandu route.

Back on the main road, we reach the edge of the Tibetan Plateau as we cross the 5200m high Thang La Pass, and begin a mind-blowing descent of 4600 meters, [15000 ft.] via the border town of Zhangmu, to the valley of the Bhote Kosi River . A final, easy day's cycling brings us back to civilization in the form of Kathmandu!

All along the way we have the support of our Sherpa staff, our 4 WD land cruisers and our support truck. This tour guarantees to be a high point [in more ways than one] in any mountain biker's life.

    Day 01 :Arrive Kathmandu
    Day 02 :Kathmandu sightseeing and preparations
    Day 03 :Flight to Lhasa
    Day 04 :Sightseeing in Lhasa
    Day 05 :Sightseeing in Lhasa
    Day 06 :First Day cycling to Chutsu
    Day 07 :Chutsu- Namdrok
    Day 08 :Namdrok - Namdrok Tso
    Day 09 :Namdrok Tso - Ralung
    Day 10 :Ralung - Gyantse
    Day 11 :Gyantse - Shigatse
    Day 12 :Sightseeing and Rest in Shigatse
    Day 13 :Shigatse - Tso La
    Day 14 :Tso La - Lhatse
    Day 15 :Lhatse - Shegar
    Day 16 :Shegar - Pangla
    Day 17 :Pang La - Rongbuk
    Day 18 :Rest and Exploration day at Rongbuk (trip to Everest Base Camp)
    Day 19 :Rongbuk to Tingri
    Day 20 :Tingri - Thang La
    Day 21 :Thang La - Nyalam
    Day 22 :Nyalam – Sukute Beach
    Day 23 :Raft and Kayak Rest Barbique Dinner
    Day 24 :4 Hours Kathmandu Rest
    Day 25 :Depature


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